PRO-LINK® Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Item # IM7353-EA

  • Safe and sanitary removal of potentially infectious substances.
Alternate #7353
  • Description

Kit includes: 1 pair disposable latex gloves, 1 disposable face shield, 1 disposable face mask, 1 pair disposable shoe covers, 1 disposable apron, 1 absorbent pack, 2 disposable towelettes, 2 scoop/scrapers, 2 red biohazard bags with ties, 1 disposable towel, 1 instruction sheet, 1 can 12 oz disinfectant spray (has HIV-1 tuberculocidal claim. OSHA recommends a disinfectant registered to kill HIV-1 and Tuberculosis for final clean up.) Complies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030