MPC™ Orange-Solv Citrus Solvent Cleaner - Gal.

Item # B14711-EA

A highly concentrated natural citrus solvent cleaner, degreaser, deodorant, de-scaler, and de-clogger. The most unique and versatile product ever developed. Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. May be on sinks, toilets, fiberglass, machinery, tools, grills, ceramic tiles, concrete, graffiti, dumpsters, grease traps, all metals, and much more. It rapidly penetrates and dissolves the toughest deposits of grease, grime, dirt, tar, inks, paint, adhesives, and oil residues. It may be used as is or diluted for light duty cleaning. This citrus solvent is water-rinsable and meets the requirements of all Federal and State VOC regulations

Gal., 4/cs
Alternate #OSO-1