Tennant F-Series Floor Machines

The F-Series family of floor machines from Tennant are the proven performers for polishing, scrubbing, stripping or sanding most any hard floor type. Long-life, industrial-strength construction. Made from durable, corrosion-proof, polyethylene. Combine this with a risk-free 10/3/3 warranty and you can count on years of use. Available in single speed and dual speed models. A dramatically-simplified design, and a heavy-duty 1.5 hp motor, the F-Series requires little maintenance to deliver superior cleaning and maintenance results. 1.5 hp, 12A, 120V, 1100 watts motor. Twist grip operation with safety lock handle.


Tennant F5 Floor Machine - 17" Single Speed

17" Single Speed, ea
Alternate #9001808

Tennant F10 Floor Machine - 17" Dual Speed

17" Dual Speed, ea
Alternate #9001876