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Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Betco® Fastdraw® 4 Dispenser

For applications that demand a lockable enclosed four product system. Proportioning technology that prevents any possible cross-contamination. Corner mount design or flat wall mounting. Dispenses into spray bottles, mop buckets and autoscrubbers. Locking doors to prevent tampering or theft.  ea
Alternate #91800

Betco® Fastdraw® Foamer

The most effective way to clean large shower areas! Generates rich and thick foam for maximum cleaning on vertical surfaces. Quick connect for instant water connection. Use in showers and kitchen areas.  ea
Alternate #91805

Buckeye® Eco® Proportioning System

Designed to be fully integrated. It is economical, ecologically friendly, reliable, and simple to use.  ea
Alternate #4290-0000

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ 4 Button Cabinet

On/off push button locks for filling up mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Chemical view window for monitoring product usage. Single knob for intuitive product selection. Fresh water rinse. Single key locks both cabinet doors.  ea
Alternate #B14318

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ Single Button Dispenser

Push button lever locks for filling up mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Fitting for main water supply or connecting up to two units. One handed bottle activation point. Hanging bracket secures 80 oz bottle. Proprietary cap to fit 80 oz bottle.  ea
Alternate #B14319

Buckeye® Eco® Element Proportioning System

Achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent with the fully integrated Eco Proportioning Program, designed and manufactured with proprietary technology. 2 low flow fills at 1.25 gpm. 1 high flow fill at 5 gpm.  ea
Alternate #4290-2000

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ P Portable Dispenser

Handle activated tripper for one handed operation. Locking ring (red) for continuous flow. Proprietary cap fits 80 oz. bottle. Hanging bracket assembly for hands free dispensing. Can be used to fill mop buckets or spray bottles.  ea
Alternate #B14320

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ Premium Foamer Kit

Attaches to portable unit with 4' discharge hose and connector. Foaming wand detaches for spray application.  ea
Alternate #B14321

Betco® Fastdraw® 4 Four Product Dispenser

The industry's first corner mount design and proportioning technology that prevents any possible cross contamination.  ea
Alternate #91826

Betco® Fastdraw® Dispenser System

Extremely easy to install. Simple to change or replace product. Instantly primes, when disengaged product drains back into container, no cross-contamination. Numbered and color coded for simplified use and training. Flick of lever gets either bottle or bucket fill solution. Small convenient product rack holds up to four products.  ea
Alternate #91043

Betco® Fastdraw® Foamer II Portable Durable Foam Gun

A durable foam gun that utilizes Betco exclusive Fastdraw® products. Features include a surecomfort™ grip handle, spay and rinse capabilities. Adjustable spray patterns. Generates rich and thick foam for vertical surfaces. Ideal for shower and kitchen cleaning.  ea
Alternate #98487

Betco® Fastdraw® Freedom Portable Dispensing System

Clean without limits! One portable dispensing system does it all. Fill bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers and foaming spray applications. Simply hook up hose and dial your application. No tubes to connect or metering tips to install.  12/cs
Alternate #91290

Betco® Fastdraw® Mobility Adaptor

Easily mounts onto the back of the Fastdraw™ dispenser. Clip onto any maid's cart for mobile dilution control.  ea
Alternate #90052

Betco® Fastdraw® Peroxide Dispenser

Green technology, 4 individual proportioners prevent any possible chemical contamination. Use FastDraw® containers with sealed insert to prevent spills/drips. Mounts in corner to save precious usable closet space. Use with mop buckets, automatic scrubbers, spray bottles. Use in schools, correctional facilities, healthcare, etc.  ea
Alternate #91806

Betco® Fastdraw® Portable Bucket Fill Dispenser

Dispenses into mop buckets or automatic scrubbers. Quick connect for instant water connection. Easily screws onto Fastdraw bottle. Small and lightweight. Conveniently transports on cleaning carts.  ea
Alternate #91801

Betco® Fastdraw® Rack

Holds up to four Fastdraw™ products. Lightweight - Mounts onto virtually any surface. Simple mounting instructions. Filled spray bottles easily hang on bottom shelf.  ea
Alternate #91044

Betco® Peroxidraw™ Dispenser

Designed to be used with the versatile Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner. One dispenser and one product for multiple cleaning needs. Lockable to prevent tampering or theft. Pretipped and ready to go right out of the box.  ea
Alternate #91140

Buckeye® Action Control System®

Patented connector automatically proportions product when attached to the Control Master. Quickly and easily locks and releases. Chemical-resistant assignment identification labels. Color coded for use with specific products & cleaning assignments. Hose Rac secures connector to wall or Action Rac when not in use. Quick-Draw® Spigot is for ready-to-use Action Pac products. No wasted product or messy spills to clean. Secures to the nylon bag spout with a screw-in connector. Rubber O-ring for leak protection. Lockable 4x1 Gallon Wall Rack. Drip Tray is wall mounted, for these systems. 6 FT. Water Connection Hose.
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Buckeye® Grip & Go!® Bottles

Durable, silk screened 24 oz. bottle. Bottles contain all information required by OSHA and WHMIS and a toll-free emergency number. Instructions are in English, Spanish and French. Includes adjustable trigger sprayer.
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Buckeye® Multi-Product Foam/Spray Gun - 64 oz. Bottle

Liberate foam applicator. Generates rich, thick foam that clings to food processing equipment and vertical surfaces. Automatically dilutes Liberate for greater economy.  ea
Alternate #40130000

Buckeye® Smart System Wall Mounted System

Push-button proportioning. Proportions up to 8 products. 1 GPM and 4 GPM flow rates. Color and number coded. Integrates Smart Center and Smart Box. Backwards compatibility allows use with all Buckeye packaging. Lockable Smart Boxes optional. For use with silk-screened Grip & Go!® spray bottles. ASSE-1055, CSA, IAMPO approval.
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Genesan™ Dual Flow POD Trigger Unit

Dispenses diluted solutions at either 2 GPM (bottle filling) or 4 GPM (mop buckets, autoscrubbers, etc). Use this trigger with all tipped POD concentrate products.  ea
Alternate #GEN237

Genesan™ Extreme 2-Button Bucket Fill Dispenser

A 2-Button, wall-hung unit designed to dispense two concentrates at 4 GPM. Best suited for filling buckets, autoscrubbers, extractors, etc. Unit is available with or without locking 2-liter or 5-liter storage cabinets.
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Genesan™ Extreme 2-Button Dispenser Cab Only 5 Liter

Alternate #GEN149

Genesan™ Extreme Dial-A-Mix Dispenser

Extreme Dial-A-Mix wall mounted units dispense up to 4 concentrates for either bottle-fill (1 GPM) and /or bucket-fill (4GPM) applications. Unit is available with or without locking cabinets.
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Genesan™ Extreme Dial-A-Mix Dispenser Cab Only, 2 Liter

Alternate #GEN148

Genesan™ POD Hook Up Kit

Kit includes everything needed to attach any POD trigger unit to a water source. Includes: 6' Supply Hose; Back-Flow Protector; Y-Valve Hose Splitter; High-Flow Regulator.  ea
Alternate #GEN208

Genesan™ Red Trigger

A 4 GPM trigger unit for use with Delta Ultra POD (GEN212) when deep cleaning of VCT flooring is required prior to scrubbing and recoating.  ea
Alternate #GEN200

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter Jr. Dilution Control Unit

A solution for any dilution control need, customized to your facility's space constraints, areas and product needs.  ea
Alternate #B14215

PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter Senior Dilution Control Unit

A solution for any dilution control need, customized to your facility's space constraints, areas and product needs.  ea
Alternate #B14214

PRO-LINK® Locking Enclosure

ChemiCenter Dilution Control Unit locking enclosure (For two 1/2 gal. F-Style).  ea
Alternate #B14217

ProVetLogic ProFoam & Rinse Portable Chemical Dilution Gun

Economically dilutes and applies a foam solution to vertical surfaces. Use the quick disconnect for rinsing. Excellent for medium to large area cleaning programs. Connects to any standard garden hose hookup. For use with ProVetLogic product V01-5MN.  ea
Alternate #V98

ProVetLogic ProLock Wall Mounted ProLoc System

Green button dispenses 1.25 ounces for general disinfection. Red button dispenses 4 ounces for disinfection of Canine Parovirus and general disinfection. Bucket fill hose, bottle fill hose.  ea
Alternate #V99